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3V 5/9 Geodesic 1 Inch PVC Dome - Mega Hub + Strut Kit


This is a really popular configuration.  Why?  Because the megahubs are ideally designed for 3V configurations (12 degrees of curvature in each arm  X 2 arms per hub X 15 hubs = 360 degrees - voila!  A perfect circle) and the struts fit right into the arms of the hubs with little or no persuasion.  It is more than twice as strong as the standard configuration, so you can  place weight on the top surface of the dome, or hang weight on the inside.   The 5/9 means that it is 5/9 of a sphere, so just larger than a hemisphere.  That gives you an extra amount of height inside, and the sides bow slightly out before they begin to curve in, meaning you can use the full floor area to stand or sit in. 

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Mega Hub + Strut Kit Includes:

 x15 4-Star Mega Dome Hub Connectors + 1 spare
x6 5-Star Mega Dome Hub Connectors + 1 spare
x40 6-Star Mega Dome Hub Connectors + 1 spare
x330 Machine screws, Phillips oval head, Stainless steel 18-8, #8-32 x 1.75”
x330 Hex lock nuts nylon insert, Stainless steel 18-8, #8-32
x1 Color Coded Assembly map
x1 Hard rubber mallet
x30 Yellow struts
x35 Blue struts
x80 Red struts
x20 Green struts