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Domes can be made to any size, within reason, since the Sonostar hub and strut system is scalable.  The calculators on the website allow you to experiment with different size diameters on all the different configurations.  However, there are some sizes that are more popular than others, and Sonostar has mass-produced those sizes and purchased covers that fit them.  The Bubble/Igloo Dining dome was the first product we made in large quantities.  Now we are introducing the 5 meter (16.4’) and 6 meter (19.7’) dome kits, all complete with hubs, struts and covers.  You can choose black or white frames, and all-clear or white & clear covers to go over the frames.  All the domes come with step-by-step illustrated assembly manuals that match the color coded struts in the kits.  It's never been easier to build your own dome.