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MegaDome Calculator

This calculator is to be used with our MegaHub Dome Connectors designed for 1" or 1.5" PVC ONLY. If you are using our standard hubs, use the Standard Hub calculator.

All the lengths of pipe for the triangles that make up a geodesic dome are not the same. There are trigonometric equations used to calculate the different lengths, but to make it easy, we've incorporated all that into the simple calculator on this page. First, on this page, choose the complexity of the dome you want to build. If you don't know what 'frequency' means, or the difference between a '3V' and a '6V', go to the FAQ's page and that will explain it. Then you can input the radius or the diameter of the dome you want to build (using the dropdown menu) into the open square, and then hit the blue 'calculate' button next to it. Below it, you'll see all the lengths for any frequency 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 dome you want to build.

* Please note that in calculating the lengths of the struts, 4 inches has ALREADY been deducted to account for the width of the MegaHub Sonostar geohubs.