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No, we’re not Mercedes, but we do have some domes that are complete and ready to ship that were used a few times.  Some of them were used for Load Testing, where we put them together and then loaded them up until they failed – in those cases, we replaced all the broken parts and the package is like new.  In other cases, we had a structure up, it served its purpose, and then we took it down and boxed it up complete.  All these are 100% guaranteed complete in all the parts, and in most cases, you wouldn’t know they were ever used.  But we know, and we won’t sell them as new because of that.   This is a chance to save a lot of money on domes that have been assembled before, so you’ll know everything works.  Most are one of a kind, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.  All warranties apply, and the return policy is the same as for all our new structures.