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3V 4/9 Geodesic 1 Inch PVC Dome - Mega Hub + Strut Kit


Suppose you want a 3V configuration, but not all the height of a 5/9.  That's where the 3V 4/9 comes in.  Using the 1" PVC, you get a dome that is made with megahubs, so it is stronger than a standard dome, and the inside height in the center is just a little less than the radius of the dome.  You can use the Sonostar megahub calculator to get all the specifications.  There are a lot fewer struts and hubs in a 4/9 configuration than a 5/9 configuration, too, so you could save some money.  The dome starts to curve inward immediately, though, so don't be expecting to walk around on the inside edge.  These are most often used as greenhouses.

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Custom Kits

Mega Hub + Strut Kit Includes:

x15 4-Star Mega Dome Hub Connectors + 1 spare
x6 5-Star Mega Dome Hub Connectors + 1 spare
x25 6-Star Mega Dome Hub Connectors + 1 spare
x240 Machine screws, Phillips oval head, Stainless steel 18-8, #8-32 x 1.75”
x240 Hex lock nuts nylon insert, Stainless steel 18-8, #8-32
x1 Color Coded Assembly map
x1 Hard rubber mallet
x30 Yellow struts
x30 Blue struts
x50 Red struts
x10 Green struts