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Standard Hub Snap Pins - 1/2 Inch PVC

Snap Pin Amount
In a hurry to put up your Sonostar Bubble/Igloo Dome? The Sonostar Standard Hub Snap Pins can reduce the assembly and disassembly time in half.  
Once you place your strut in the Sonostar hub and line up the hole, you just snap the Pin Clip in place and voilà!, the connection is complete.  There’s no nuts & bolts, so no wasted time looking for dropped nuts, or tightening everything with a screwdriver and nut driver.  
Other advantages?  There’s no bolt sticking through the hubs, so they’re safer for people moving around on the inside of the dome – the plastic pin is flush with the hub.   They’re made of the same high-strength ABS plastic as the hubs, and they come in either white or black. 
The Hub Snap Pins come in quantities of 325 (for each connection in a bubble/igloo dome), or packs of 100 or 25.  They cost .25 each, no matter how many you buy.