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Bubble Dome Clear Replacement Cover

The cover provides a wind/rain/temperature barrier, but those on the inside can see everything outside (and vice-versa; those on the outside can see those on the inside and wish they were there!).

Sonostar’s Bubble Dome Cover is made of durable, ultrasonically welded 650 gsm PVC, and is designed to specifically fit a frame made for an 11.75' diameter dome that has an internal height of 7' in the center.  It has a double-stitched and welded zippered front door, two zippered triangular windows that can seal shut, and a canvas skirt that will make a ground level barrier to weather and animals.  The hole vent in the top has an oversize cover that attaches with Velcro, and can be permanently sealed shut if the venting is not needed.   The cover can be cleaned with soap and water.

This product code is for the Bubble Dome only - no struts, no hubs.