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Mini Glamping Dome Cover & Floor

The Sonostar Mini Glamping Dome Cover and Floor are designed to fit onto a Sonostar 1/2" or 1" frame.  The frame is 11.75' (3.6 meters) in diameter and 6' 11" (over 2 meters) high in the middle. There's plenty of room for two cots and a small table, or a large table that seats 6 or 8 people. 

The cream colored cover features 1 door with a vertical zipper and 2 round viewing windows above the door.  There is a large bay window that wraps around half the dome that has two triangular shaped zippered windows.  The cover is waterproof and flame retardant.

The black-colored floor is waterproof and attaches to the main cover all around the base. We strongly suggest that users stake the dome to the ground or attach it securely to a platform.  Stakes/securing hardware are not included.