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3V 4/9 Geodesic Dome - Mega Hub Kit


 Sonostar's 3V 4/9 Megahub Kit is designed for DIY'ers who want to cut and drill their own struts to make their domes.  This configuration is 4/9 of a sphere, so just less than a hemisphere - the standard shape of most domes.  It has a flat base, so it sits squarely on the ground.  Using the Sonostar Megadome Calculator, you can quickly compute the four different strut lengths for any diameter of dome that uses Sonostar hubs.  The 3V 4/9 can be built as small as 1 meter (3.3') across, or as large as 10 meters.   It is a popular configuration for greenhouses, animal pens, and shelters.

Click the button below to calculate the lengths and quantities of 3V 4/9 mega dome struts:

mega dome calculator


3V 4/9 Mega Hub Kit Includes:

x15 4-Star Mega Dome Hub Connectors + 1 spare
x6 5-Star Mega Dome Hub Connectors + 1 spare
x25 6-Star Mega Dome Hub Connectors + 1 spare
x240 Machine screws, Phillips oval head, Stainless steel 18-8, #8-32 x 1.75” or 2.25"
x240 Hex lock nuts nylon insert, Stainless steel 18-8, #8-32
x1 Color Coded Assembly map
x1 Hard rubber mallet