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August 26, 2021 1 min read

Sonostar has been supplying geodesic domes worldwide for over 12 years.  We use a unique, proprietary hub and spoke system to assemble the domes into a strong, efficient freestanding structure.  The hubs are injection molded with a solid core and curvature built into each arm to assist with the overall dome strength and curvature. All our hubs are manufactured using our proprietary molds in the USA.


Another big difference is our struts.  Sonostar’s struts are made with furniture grade PVC that has a UV additive to resist degradation when exposed to sunlight.  Our PVC is made to schedule 40 specifications, which means the inside diameter is ½” and the outside diameter is .84” (21.33 mm). If anything ever breaks, it can be replaced at the nearest Home Depot or pipe supply company (although it won’t be the same furniture grade).  If you’re adding shelves, or making other modifications, our struts will fit the elbows and tees that are commonly available.  Most of our competitors use a nonstandard 16mm strut (about 5/8”).  We also have all the parts available on our website – ready for same-day shipping.

We supply stainless steel nuts and bolts, so they won’t rust out over time.


Our clear PVC covers are made to our specifications and feature a welded and double-stitched zipper door that’s made for constant use.

Our most popular 3V 5/9 domes are based on the Khruschke calculation model that provides for a flat base.  Our instruction manual (included with every kit) has easy-to-follow illustrated instructions based on the color codes of the struts.

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