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September 16, 2021 2 min read

You can buy almost any size of geodesic dome from Sonostar. 5 meter domes (16.4’ diameter) and 6 meter domes (19.7’ diameter) have always been available because the Sonostar hub and spoke system is totally scalable.  What is new in this announcement is the pricing, which is much lower for these configurations, and the addition of a custom-made cover that goes with the preconfigured dome frames.

Backing up a bit, Sonostar has been selling kits to make geodesic domes for over 12 years. The kits have become popular all over the world. Users can purchase only the Basic Hub Kits and then source their own PVC pipe locally to cut the struts.  The kits can be used with either ½”, 1”, or 1.5” schedule 40 PVC, which is pretty much universally available.  Sonostar has offered ‘Full Kits’ for several years, combining the hub kits with all the pre-cut, pre-drilled, color- coded struts – for those who don’t want to cut and drill their own.  Then two years ago, Sonostar launched their Bubble/Igloo dome, which became wildly popular during the Pandemic as restaurants and taverns were forced to move dining outside.  These kits included not only the hubs and struts, but also a custom-fitted, all-clear cover with a zipper door and windows.  At almost 12’ in diameter and 7’ high in the center, it was the perfect solution to dining outside.

Then users started asking for bigger domes – with covers – that could hold more people and still fulfill their patrons’ needs for being outside, but feeling like they were inside.  Sonostar experimented with several sizes of domes and finally settled on the 5 meter (16.4’ diameter) and 6 meter (19.7’ diameter) 3V 5/9 configurations using larger PVC and larger hubs.  These are the products that Sonostar is announcing today.  The 5 meter domes use 1” PVC and realize a 200 square ft area inside the dome.  The 6 meter domes use 1.5” PVC, and they have 285 sq ft of usable space inside.  Users can choose either black or white hubs and black or white struts.  They can also choose either an all-clear dome cover, or one with a combination of 1/3 clear vinyl and 2/3 white vinyl.  The kits are shipped out on pallets and can be sent to any address in the USA except Alaska and Hawaii.  With special arrangements, we can do Alaska.

Who buys the bigger domes? Mostly restaurants and bars that cater to larger groups. The 5 Meter dome can easily fit 2 tables of 6, and the 6 meter dome can fit 3 or 4 tables of 6. You can fit the whole hockey team, or the sales and marketing department together. Great for birthday parties, too. Check them out today on our Multi-Use Dome page on our website.

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