March 16, 2017

Geodesic Greenhouse Dome and Dome Connectors

10 Great Reasons to Build a Geodesic Dome

Dome Homes (Emergency Shelters)

When disaster strikes, you need a structure that can be built quickly and easily, that can withstand earthquakes, wind and other natural disasters. That is where a geo dome comes in. A dome is made up of little triangles which are the strongest geometric structure. PVC domes are a great solution for natural disasters, but can also be used for shelter bunkers in your backyard.


Geodesic Greenhouse Domes are the best way to get great results on your gardening ventures. Whether you are growing flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other plants a PVC greenhouse is the best choice for amazing crops.

Geodesic Greenhouse Dome

Warehouse/Outdoor Storage

If you are in need of any additional storage, a dome makes an incredible outdoor storage shed. You can store additional firewood, garden equipment supplies, toys, backyard furniture, and more, freeing up valuable space in your garage.


Entertainment/Projection Theater Dome

Get the IMAX experience in the comfort of your own home with a projection theater dome. By adding a cover to your dome you are watch movies like you never thought was possible.

Geodesic PVC Projection Dome


Gazebos are a great way to relax on warm spring and summer afternoons. With a geo dome gazebo, you can make a lightweight gazebo that is also strong against, wind, rain, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Merchant and Event Dome

If you are looking for a quick pop up merchant facility or a temporary event dome. Domes are an easy, lightweight, and eye-catching solution. They can really make you stand out at trade shows, exhibition events, and marketplaces. 

PVC Entertainment Projection Dome


There are many other great uses for a garage other than just parking your car. With a geodesic dome cart port, you can free up that garage space for that man cave you've been thinking about building. 

Wedding Venue

Outdoor weddings are great, but they do come with a unique set of challenges. A dome is a great choice for a wedding venue and can be a beautiful location for your ceremony.

Geodesic Event Dome

Globes and Setpieces

The great part about domes is that they are so versatile and there are uses for domes that haven't even been created yet. We've seen our domes used as awesome set pieces for Dj's, props for plays, used to build a replica Death Star on someone's roof and other cool stuff we haven't even seen yet.

Geodesic Sphere mirror dome for DJs

gedesic dome globe using sonostar sphere kits for a play

building a death star using geodesic hub connectors and PVC

Glamping (Glamorous camping)

Domes make great tents for what has been called "glamping." Which is basically camping in style. This new style of domes some actually have some plumbing and heating. For times when you want to get away and unplug from the busy city but don't want to give up all the amenities of your life.

glamping pvc dome kits