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Bubble Dome Dining Igloo - Standard Bubble Dome 1/2 Inch PVC Hub Kits


This kit does not contain the struts or the cover.  This would be for anyone who may have purchased a similar dome and found the frame was not strong enough.  The Sonostar geodesic frame is many times stronger than the popular novelty dome frames.  If you already have a Bubble Dome cover, , this kit will give you all the different hubs you need, as well as instructions on how to cut and drill the 4 different sized lengths of 1/2" PVC needed.

The Standard Bubble DomeHub Kit contains all the 4-star, 5-star, and 6-star hub connectors needed to build a 3V 5/9 geodesic dome. All the hubs have 10 degrees of curvature built into each arm as well as molded holes to fit the bolts. Stainless steel nuts and bolts are included to connect the struts to the hubs. Inside the box, you’ll also find a soft rubber mallet to help you nudge any tight fitting connections together. A laminated assembly map and an instruction book make up the remainder of the kit. Hubs can be either black or white.

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