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Mini Glamping Dome Standard 1/2 Inch PVC Hub + Strut + Cover + Floor Kit

This kit includes all the hubs, struts, cover and floor needed for assembling your own 1/2" Sonostar Mini-Glamping Dome.  All the necessary hardware is included.

The Dome frame will be 11.75'(3.6 meters) in diameter and the inside height is 6' 11"  (2.1 meters) at the top center. 

The struts are all cut to length and color-coded, with pre-drilled holes for the stainless steel bolts and nuts.  The hubs are injection molded ABS, made to fit the design. 

The cream-colored cover is waterproof and flame retardant, featuring a large viewing window on one side, with two triangular shaped zippered windows cut into the bigger window.  The door has a heavy-duty vertical zipper with latches on both sides. 

The black vinyl floor is waterproof, and attaches to the main cover all along the base.