4V Standard Sphere Kits

Our 4V PVC Standard Sphere Kits include all the necessary Standard Hub Dome Connectors, the bolts, nuts, color coded instructions, and rubber mallet. This is a great DIY Sphere Kit. Our Full Kits come with the PVC struts. These are great kits for those looking for an easier Geodesic Sphere project. We measure, pre-cut and color code each PVC strut for you taking the guesswork out of building a Geodesic Sphere. If you don't see the size you are looking for click the custom kits button to submit and inquiry.

Custom Kits


      Choose whether you would like to order just the Basic Hub Kit and cut the struts yourself, or order the Basic Hub Kit together with a set of precut, predrilled, color-coded struts (Hub + Strut Kit).

      To complete a Hub + Strut Kit order simply choose from several options based on the diameter of the finished sphere.