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23 ft. Event Dome Kit

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  • Sonostar is pleased to announce the availability of custom event domes, for fairs, exhibitions, carnivals, trade shows, or outdoor concerts.

    The package consists of a 7 meter (23') 3V 5/9 Sonostar Geodesic Mega Dome made with Black UV treated 1½" PVC struts as well as a custom-designed futuristic cover, complete with Sonostar's Moongate door.

  • The interior will have over 300 square feet of usable standup area, with a center height of 13.7'. All the struts will be precut, predrilled and color coded for easy assembly. Sonostar Mega Hub connectors have all the bolt holes pre-molded, so the struts go together quickly. Assembly takes about 3 hours. The cover slips right over the top and fastens to the base.
  • x15 4-Star MegaHub Dome Connectors

    x6 5-Star MegaHub Dome Connectors + 1 spare

    x40 6-Star MegaHub Dome Connectors + 2 spare

    x30 Yellow Color Coded PVC Struts

    x35 Blue Color Coded PVC Struts

    x80 Red Color Coded PVC Struts

    x20 Green Color Coded PVC Struts

    x1 Event Dome Cover with removable door

    x330 Stainless Steel nuts and bolts (2 1/2") for connecting the hubs to your struts

    x1 Hard rubber mallet

    x1 Color Coded Build Map and Instructions