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May 14, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

Everyone knows that Bubble Domes make great greenhouses: You can stand up in them, they have a clear cover that lets a lot of light in, they keep some heat in and keep the cold out, and they’re very strong.  But they don’t have shelves.  Where are you supposed to put all your plants and seedlings?

We posed that question to our R&D team, and they came up with a solution in no time.  In fact, it’s such a good solution that we may actually market it as an add-on accessory.  And for the DIY’ers, it’s so easy to make that we’re sure a bunch of you will be taking this list down to Home Depot to buy all the components.


Here’s the list, per shelf:

10” lengths of ½” schedule 40 PVC   5

26” lengths of ½” schedule 40 PVC   2

½” Tee connectors         1

½” 3-way side-out connectors      2

½” Slip-T connectors         3


There is more than enough room for a standard-size flat, and the shelves can hold a lot of weight.

Altogether, that’s 13 pieces to make a shelf that is totally capable of holding up a heavy flat of flowers.  The general idea is that you use the second ring level of the dome as one side of the shelf.  The Slip-T connectors go around the struts at that level and you’re basically just building a very strong PVC frame shelf from there on.  We built eleven shelves, but you could build two more without blocking the doorway.

The center strut in the shelves keeps the trays from falling through.
We took the cover off for these pictures so you can see the shelf detail better.  Check out this 45 second video of the Bubble Dome with shelves out in a beautiful yard:

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Bernie Nick
Bernie Nick

May 19, 2020

Hi I just bought a Bubble Dome and like your idea of shelves. But, where are you supposed to buy Slip-T Connectors? Not at Home Depot?!?

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