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August 26, 2020 2 min read

Are you stuck in your house, working from home because of the pandemic, and even with air conditioning, you’d rather be outside, except for the bugs – especially the mosquitoes – which are really annoying right now? What if you could set up an outside office with plenty of room and no insects? That’s the idea behind Sonostar’s Mosquito Dome – a sturdy outside structure with netting that lets you thumb your nose at all those pesky, blood-sucking little critters who have no respect for your personal space.

The frame is the same frame as Sonostar’s popular Bubble Domes and Mini-Glamping Domes. It’s made of heavy duty ½” furniture-grade PVC struts, Sonostar’s exclusive injection-molded 4-star, 5-star & 6-star hubs, and all stainless steel hardware, so nothing will rust. The dimensions are almost 12’ in diameter, and almost 7’ high in the middle. If you’re used to working in a cubicle in an office building, this will be a huge upgrade in size.

The cover is one piece, designed to fit over the frame snugly. It attaches to the base of the dome with sewn-in Velcro strips. The zipper door is heavy duty, so you can open and close it easily. The mesh is fine enough to keep the bugs out, but let the breeze go through.

This is not a popup backpacking tent. The Mosquito Dome is made to be put up and stay up for long periods of time. It takes about 2 hours to assemble (the first time), and all the instructions are included with the kit. Everything is color coded, and the guide is easy to follow.

What happens when the hot weather of summer turns to the cold weather of fall and winter? Sonostar carries same-size covers that can turn your outside office into a greenhouse, or a mini-glamping dome, using the same frame. Check out the website or more details on those. You can buy the covers separately.

Are there electrical connections built in? No. But there’s plenty of places to attach your power bar. Will your home wifi work in the dome? Very likely, if it’s close enough to your house. What do you do if it rains? You’d better have a contingency plan!

There’s no reason you need to suffer in a hot house when you can be enjoying the fresh air outside, protected from the aerial attacks of the voracious vermin. Decorate your outdoor office with plants, and put up a bird feeder to meet new friends. You’re going to crush this Covid crisis in style!

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