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Bubble Dome Patio Igloo Kit

Easy to Build

Enjoy the outdoors all year round


Everything You Need


The 11.75' diameter patio dome frame consists of pre-cut, pre-drilled color-coded struts (4 different lengths) and all the 4-star, 5-star and 6-star Sonostar hubs you’ll need to build your dome. Stainless steel nuts and bolts and a hard rubber mallet are also included. The hubs are all made of ABS plastic with UV inhibitors included in the mix. Similarly, the struts are made of Schedule 40 specification PVC with a UV inhibitor. All made in USA.


The transparent PVC cover for the patio dome is made of 650 gsm vinyl, with a vertical zipper door. There are two triangular windows in the cover, each with zippers. The skirt at the base will attach to the base of the frame to make a tight fit.


Sonostar’s easy-to-follow illustrated manual graphically shows all the steps to build the patio dome from beginning to end.

Create Your Own Space

Putting a dome in your patio or yard can give you a refreshing retreat outdoors, but with some great benefits, like: 1) no wind; 2) no rain or snow; 3) warmer than outside; 4) you can furnish it and decorate it to your own taste; 5) you can hang plants inside that otherwise might not survive the winter. If you like to read, it gives you a quiet refuge away from the TV or a noisy family. If you’re artistic, it can be your studio. If your kids need a playspace, this is ideal, because you can see what they’re doing, even though they feel like they’re on their own. Whatever your situation, if you have the space, then putting up a patio dome can provide the kind of peaceful getaway or outside room that you’ve never had in your home before.  You need at least a 12’ X 12’ square area, preferably flat. If you’re near an outlet, you can bring a heater or laptop or lighting inside with you. Some people put them on platforms to keep the moisture out. The Sonostar frame uses our unique injection-molded hubs to make a strong and efficient geodesic dome 11.75’ in diameter and 7’ tall in the middle. The connecting struts are color-coded, because there are 4 different lengths – and of course, we provide an instruction book and assembly guide with the kit.