Geodesic Hub Connectors

Sonostar hardcore geohubs are the solution to the tedious task of crafting connectors to build geodesic domes. By using these hubs, you will reduce the time it takes to build a dome from days to just a few hours. The hubs themselves are made of tough, durable polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and they are solid in the centers, adding strength and functionality. When you go to cover your dome, you can attach it directly to the hubs themselves by screwing into them, without compromising the strength of the hub. They are engineered specifically for building geodesic domes - designed with a 10 degree curvature to naturally shape the dome as you build it. If you've decided to build a geodesic dome using PVC (schedule 40 or better) poles, then go with the leader in geodesic connectors: Sonostar hardcore geohubs.

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For hubs that fit 1" or 1 1/2", go to Megahubs from the category menu page.

Sample Pak of 1/2" Geohubs

CODE: 4-5-6SmallSamKit

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This is a sample kit featuring one each of the following 1/2" geodesic hub connectors: 4-star 5-star 6-star These hubs are engineered... More

Minimum quantity for "Sample Pak of 1/2" Geohubs" is 1.

Six Pak of 6 Star Standard Geohubs


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This is a six Pak of Sonostar's 1/2" PVC 6-Star connectors.   These predrilled hexagonal 6-arm PVC connectors for ½ inch pipe are... More

Minimum quantity for "Six Pak of 6 Star Standard Geohubs" is 1.