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This is a 4V MegaDome Hub Kit designed for use with either 1" or 1 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC tubing. This is one of our larger and stronger geodesic dome kits. It is a simple geodesic dome kit that allows you to build your geodome as big or as small as geometry allows. Combine the Basic Hub Kit with the Strut Kit for a quick build, or checkout with just the Basic Hub Kit and use the calculator below, under helpful tools, to determine what size struts you will need to cut for the size dome you are looking to build.


      Choose whether you would like to order just the Basic Hub Kit and cut the struts yourself, or order the Basic Hub Kit together with a set of precut, predrilled, color-coded struts (Full Kit).

      To complete a Full Kit order simply click the ADD STRUTS button to choose from several options based on the diameter of the finished dome.