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August 18, 2020 2 min read

In this season of quarantine and isolation, many people are being forced into ‘staycations’, where they get to pretend they’re somewhere other than home. Sonostar’s new ‘Mini-Glamping’ Dome may be the answer to getting away without ever really leaving. If you have a back yard with a 12’ X12’ area, the dome will fit comfortably there, and it has plenty of room for a couple who want to escape, or a bunch of kids who are looking for a safe urban adventure. Unlike a backpacking tent, this dome is meant to stay up for longer periods of time, and its robust frame will hold up in the most violent of storms.

Sonostar Hub Mini-Glamping Dome set up in backyard

Its name, ‘Mini Glamping Dome’, shows immediately that this is an effort to make tent living more glamorous. The size is as big as some large tents - almost 12’ in diameter and 7’ tall in the middle. The geodesic frame is made of furniture grade PVC and it uses molded hubs that bolt together giving it strength and a feeling of permanence that similar-size camping tents lack. As expected, the cover is rainproof and fire retardant – good things if you’re going to be staying in it for a while.

Sonostar Hub Mini- Glamping Dome bay window

The main feature is a HUGE clear window that is molded into the dome cover that gives an amazing view of the outside, while still keeping the inhabitants shaded in sunny weather. Within the bay window are 3 totally unique pentagonal ventilation windows all with zippers that you can batten down when inclement weather strikes. When it’s warm, you can leave them open and enjoy the breeze. The windows all contribute to a size sensation that makes this dwelling appear much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. For wet or damp weather locations, there is a waterproof floor that attaches to the main cover all the way around. The overall look, both inside and outside, is similar to glamping domes 2 or 3 times its size.

Sonostar Hub Mini-Glamping Dome structure

It is not an instant pop-up design. Count on taking 2 hours to build it the first time you put it up. The parts and instructions that come with it are all color coded and easy to follow, but there are a lot of connections that need to be made to achieve full strength and functionality. Once it’s constructed, it will outlast and outperform any instant setup tent.

This is the same size dome that many restaurants are using for outside dining. It is roomy enough for a family, and downright spacious for a couple. It offers coziness and a view that you don’t find in backpacking tents, and is made to last much longer than its lightweight alternatives. Tired of being stuck inside and unable to visit the national parks? With a little imagination, this mini glamping dome can get you outside your house and closer to the great outdoors.


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