Geodesic dome NOT built with a Sonostar dome kit or hub connectors

Geodome no-no: Starting from the top down is not a good idea. Especially with bigger geodomes.  Best to follow the instructions - at least the first time.

Building a geodesic dome with 1/2" PVC hub connectors.

The purpose of this website is to help you find the materials you need to build a geodesic dome using 1/2-inch PVC hardcore geohub connectors.

We at Sonostar Hub want you to truly enjoy building your PVC geodesic dome, with a minimum of delays and frustration. If you're even thinking about building a geodesic dome from PVC, you're probably smarter than average.  Let's put your intellect and energy together to make something useful and satisfying.

Add geodome or hub connector questions to our geodome FAQ

We're also aware that there may be some aspects of geodome construction that might seem intuitive to us, and we may have left some things out. Your input is very important to us, and we will be most happy to add to the FAQ's with any question we think is relevant and useful for the general dome-building public.

If you have specific questions, use the Contact Us email address, and if we have an answer we'll get back to you right away. If not, we'll let you know that, too.

The Blog contains random musings on dome building, newsworthy dome events, and links to other related sites.

Add your geodesic dome photo to our geodome photo Gallery

The Gallery is for anyone who builds a dome using Sonostar hardcore geohubs to get their pictures published where the rest of the world can be truly amazed at your creativity and vision--and your ability to follow instructions. We'd love to see pictures from all over the planet in the Gallery, so please email your geodome/sphere photos with a brief description to: jon@sonostarhub.com.

Share your knowledge of geodomes and hub connectors with others

The Forum is a place where you can write YOUR random musings on how domes make this a better world, or how your clever modification or shortcut might help millions of other prospective dome builders. You can correct or respond to others who have posted, or start a whole new discussion.