Sonostar Hubs Product Description

If you’re thinking about building a geodesic dome, and you’re not an engineer, then relax.  Using the Sonostar Geodesic Dome kit, you can build a simple dome in a few hours, and a more complex one in a day or two.  Sonostar’s innovation is the pvc hubs that connect ½”pvc pipes together to custom-molded 4-way, 5-way, and 6-way connectors.  These connectors have a 10 degree angle built into them to facilitate the curvature of the dome.  Using the Sonostar calculator, you can input a radius of any length (within reason) and it will compute the exact length of all the different pipe struts.  Depending on your need, you can build a dome that’s simple and lightweight with comparatively few hub connections; or more complex, with many hub connections and corresponding strength and rigidity.

If you buy only the hubs, (Sonostar Basic Dome Kit) then you’ll need to cut your ½” pvc pipe yourself.  Fortunately, it’s available everywhere; at plumbing supply stores, hardware stores, and garden supply outlets.  PVC cutting tools are not expensive, and they’re available at the same stores.  If you don’t want to cut all the pipes yourself, Sonostar offers the Full Dome Kit, which includes all the pre-cut color-coded lengths of pipe as well as all the pvc hubs that go with it.  In any case, it all comes to you via UPS, in sealed boxes ready for you to begin your project.

Common uses for the pvc dome kits include: greenhouses, garages, shelters, storage spaces, chicken coops, barns, covered outside cafeterias, and swimming pool containment systems.  If you have an above-ground swimming pool, a Sonostar pvc dome kit can extend the swimming season by many months, even year-round in the more temperate climates.   The simplicity and elegance of the geodesic design will never grow old, and the geodesic dome you build should last many years with proper care.  Order your pvc dome kit today from Sonostar, and enjoy the satisfaction of building one of the most efficient structures ever invented.